Value Menu
All values include a regular drink
($1.39 value)
Combo #1
Two sausage rolls and beverage.

Combo #2
Two kolaches and beverage.

Combo #3
One large breakfast sandwich, one fruit kolache and beverage.

Combo #4
One sausage roll, one kolache and beverage.

Kolaches Baked Fresh Daily!

Most patrons of Kolache Heaven think that kolache is the Czech word for incredibly tasty. That's perfectly understandable, but “kolache” is really the common spelling of the Czech word “koláč” — the term for the famous circular tart made of double-risen dough, with a center topped or filled with a sweet sauce made of mák (poppyseed), cottage cheese, prunes, peaches, or other fruit filling.
We are open 7 days a week.
We open at 6am on Monday through Saturday, and at 7am on Sunday.
  • We also make our own incredibly tasty pies, sausage rolls, and other baked goods.
  • We get up bright (and early) to prepare the dough we make from scratch. We bake our kolaches daily, right in our own ovens. So when you are ready for breakfast, breakfast is ready for you!
  • Cookies designed and baked for special occasions! See our specialty and catering page for details.
  • Cupcakes, pies, birthday cakes and special cookies are available for special order.See our specialty and catering page for details.
  • Party trays! See our specialty and catering page for details.
Come see us. We're at Preston Road at Warren Parkway, in Frisco.